Concept Development


Starting a new concept on the right footing is key to the success of a start up. Experience in any business is a major plus in striking out on your own. However, no matter how much experience you have bartending, cooking, or even managing restaurants, new openings are in a category by themselves. Unless you have gone through the pain and excitement of starting from scratch, everyone is a newbie.

Success in business is based in knowledge. Bringing in someone who has that knowledge is a good beginning

Training and Development


Whether it is an experienced management team or someone fresh to the job, perspective can often make the difference between success and failure.

Our management training programs are based on mentorship and development of problem-solving skills. In addition to the guest relation and cost management aspects, one of the most under-developed management skills is employee relations and development. A manager is only as good as the people and product they manage, especially when it comes to hospitality. Your employees are the ambassadors, and if managed properly, will make the difference for your business.

Being able to problem solve in high pressure situations is another important management trait to develop in order to ensure success. As much as we would like to please everyone all the time and have things run smoothly, that is not always the case. It is not usually as much about the problem as it is about how the problem is handled. This can make the difference between a happy client or someone who is going to tell everyone they meet about their bad experience. Making decisions every day that will affect the perception of the concept represented deserves the best training available. Being well prepared and mentored has the ability to create the successful interactions that are necessary to be the best.

Staff Training

Wine, Food and Service training are essential to laying the foundation of a team that will represent your brand in the best possible light. As with most businesses, knowledge is everything. This is particularly true in sales and hospitality. One of the most important investments you can make in your business is in employee training. Training should be specified to your business and brand, making your staff experts in their field. It is an ongoing process, which involves constant streamlining to be as effective as possible.

Employee training programs should be geared towards the unique needs of the business. Service standards change depending on the venue that uses them. Creating a unique and specific ambiance is what will distinguish it from the competition. To achieve a cohesive product, it is not always about having the best but about having the best fit. Teamwork, balanced with individual responsibility, makes every shift go smoothly. Being comfortably trained in the field will allow for a positive impression to every client who walks in the door. Almost as important, it helps keep them walking back in the door again and again

Business Evaluation


No matter what your business is, large or small, making a profit is the way it stays in business. You may be already successful and looking to increase sales. Or you may be seeing a decline in business and need a boost to get to where you need to be.

The first step is to figure out your goals and vision in a realistic fashion. The second step is finding someone to do a thorough evaluation of your concept. Moving forward from there, you would detail a game plan to work towards your goals in the format that makes the most sense. One of your goals should be to work smarter, not harder