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Kari O is a Writer and Speaker. With a new book to be published by Fall 2019 and freelance work, Kari O is a literature major who loves communicating via the written word. We do website content and social media promotions, as well as any needed content design. Check out the blog soon for excerpts from the upcoming book and leadership progra



Kari O uses 20 years of Hospitality Leadership to give seminars and keynote speeches. Anything from smaller mentoring sessions to larger forums, the goal is to lead and mentor as many people as possible. With hospitality comes fun stories and examples. As a female in leadership roles, there are many opportunities to connect and encourage women in business.

Develop/ Conduct Leadership Programs


With years of coaching and consulting, as well as performing in executive roles, comes the experience to teach the art of leadership. Programs are chosen and developed to meet a company's specific needs and audience.  It can be a weekend retreat or a monthly teaching and accountability program. We want you and your team to be successful!



Either one on one or as a group, coaching  is an integral part of team and individual growth. Choose a coach that has experience in leadership and mentoring. Strive every day to be the best that you can be and have someone who can hold you accountable. A listening ear and sage advice at the right moments can change the trajectory of your career.



See the services page for the variety of consulting services offered. Whether it is to turn around finances, work on clientele, staff training, operational development, program development or building from concept up, we can help you to succeed. 

Online Training


Stay tuned for exciting new options coming up with KariO concepts. We have been invited to offer some online teaching opportunities in the field of leadership, personal development coaching and business consulting. 

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